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Billy Copelan

Despite having watched both of his maternal grandparents suffer from Alzheimer’s in the late stages of their lives, nothing could have prepared Billy and his family for the nearly 17-year journey they would be on. Billy’s mother began suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s around the age of 55, and finally succumbed to the disease in October 2018, shortly after her 72nd birthday. It was a brutal 5-7 years as Billy’s mother no longer recognized any family members as her condition deteriorated.


Fueled by wanting to better understand how to continue to have a relationship with his mother, Billy performed research through books and online. In the last couple of years of his mother’s life an opportunity presented itself to become involved in fundraising events for the cause, which he knew he not only wanted to do, but needed to do. Billy also used his passion for teaching to lead him to becoming a Certified Community Educator through the Alzheimer’s Association. Over the last three years, Billy has personally raised nearly $15,000, and continues to champion the cause to find a cure.

Billy is serving as Chairman for the 2022 Golden Isles Alzheimer's Walk. Click on the link below to register for the Walk on October 1 and share Why You Walk. 

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