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Georgia Alzheimer's Foundation, Inc.

Georgia Alzheimer’s Foundation, Inc. (GAFI)


Liability Waiver for Golden Isles Alzheimer's Walk


Participant agrees that GAFI is not liable for any harm, injury, loss or any other liability during this event. If Participant brings minors onto the facility, then the Participant will be responsible for making sure that the minor(s) are protected with what they need for the event. GAFI is not responsible for the involuntary or voluntary acts of any Participant or minors of Participants.


Participant agrees on behalf of Participant and minor child(ren), agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify GAFI, their employees, officers and agents, from any loss, cost, damage and/or expense of any nature, including all attorneys’ fees and costs which Participant or child(ren) may have resulting, either directly or indirectly, from Participation in GAFIs voluntary programs or activities. Participant gives permission for Participant’s child(ren) to participate in all GAFI activities, and do forever release GAFI and its officers,  staff, volunteers and agents from any and all actions, all known and unknown personal injuries or property damage of Participants and minor child(ren) arising out of said activities, and also all claims or right of action for damages which Participant and minor child(ren) has or hereafter may acquire.


Participant agree to give all rights for reproduction, use of any kind, and publication in any form, including for sale, of pictures, videos, or other media of Participant or minor(s) to GAFI that are taken during the term of this Waiver.  If a Participant or minor is not to have his or her picture taken, then the Participant must notify GAFI of this prior to signing hereunder and not initial this paragraph.


Participant has read this Contract, discussed the same with GAFI and all questions about its scope, meaning and interpretation were answered to Participant’s satisfaction and Participant has received a copy thereof and agrees to all its terms and conditions.

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